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Pacific Radiology - Timaru

   Totem studio were delighted to provide a brand new home for pacific radiology in Timaru, moving out of their present facility and expanding their provision of services to the local community to include CT and MRI imaging.

   The new branch is housed in an extension to Bidwill Hospital and we were privileged to be the architects of choice for both the basebuild extension with Bidwill Hospital and the interior fit out  with Pacific Radiology. This enabled the facility to truly be a “hand fits gloves design”, ensuring the building envelope was shaped and sized to fit the needs of both the adjoining hospital and the spatial and workflow requirements of their new neighbors.

   It also enabled the provision of a series of skylights down the central spine of the branch plunging natural light deep into the core building. Patients and staff alike are able to circulate through internal spaces that are bathed in natural light a rare luxury for radiology facilities typically housed in dark rooms and half basements.

   The use of natural wood and natural light provides an intuitively calming and reassuring environment and presents a degree of spatial and performance quality that is representative of the PRG brand

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