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Bidwill Hospital - Extension

   Our practice has worked with Bidwill Hospital in Timaru for many years including the 2009 provision of day surgery facilities. So we were very pleased to be engaged again in 2020 to provide full architectural services for their proposed radiology extension. Initially the brief was to provide a 2 stage, design that allowed for a future second stage expansion to accommodate an MRI suite.

   At about the time the project was tendered it was decided that the MRI suite would be best integrated into the current works as a single build. This required a 160m2 addition to the brief. Which was designed and priced whilst the contractor got underway on site with unaffected aspects of the original design.

   In addition to being commissioned by PRG for the interior radiology space, the brief to us from Bidwill Hospital included the shell and site of the new extensions along with a 2.5m expansion of their main building to improve their TSU facilities, loading & storage and a reworking of internal office and support spaces.

   The design for the extension was a same “but different” approach that linked into the forms and rhythm of the original building alongside, without pretending to be a duplication.

   To provide a healthy and calming internal environment a series of skylights were installed along the main spine of the addition bringing natural light deep in the building. Further sky lighting was installed over the expanded TSU space maintaining clear visibility and natural light, having now been enclosed by the new radiology addition

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