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Two-Fold Townhouses

These modern, elegant and classically edgy townhouses represent a multi year journey for client and architect that has at last come to an outstanding conclusion. These two mirror image townhouses provide three bedrooms, a bathroom with separate WC, an adjoining garage with WC and laundry, open plan kitchen living and dining. Outside a timeless and distinguished façade is paired with beautiful modern landscaping presenting a fantastic street frontage to the neighborhood.

Built on a back section of an existing (and remaining) 2 story house facing the adjacent street, these two townhouses each sit on a 160m2 site with a 76m2 footprint (inc. garage). This is modern compact living at its best. Making use of every available m2 to provide an open downstairs flow, and private upstairs  rooms with wonderful full height windows and a backyard ready for entertaining friends and family.

The recycled brick and tray metal clad units with surrounding hard and soft landscaping were designed to be modern, low maintenance, space efficient, and desirable !


Over 5 years in the making, they were well worth the wait and as a practice we see them as a benchmark for high quality living on a small plot and our studio would love to be a part of many more like them.

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