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Pacific Radiology at St Georges

This flagship facility for Pacific Radiology Group (PRG) in Christchurch was rebuilt after the earthquakes at St George’s Hospital, in a new base-isolated building completed in 2017. It houses two MRI and two CT scanners, a robotic multi-axis x-ray machine (the first of its kind in Australasia), several conventional x-ray and ultrasound rooms, and associated facilities for public and staff.

The planning allows both outpatients and hospital inpatients to arrive from opposite directions, by locating the large reception and waiting areas in one corner of the deep floorplate where it can take advantage of abundant natural light.

As the various facilities are spread out over a large area, we worked with Pacific Radiology to achieve an efficient staff workflow to minimise downtime between patients. This is achieved in part through creation of separate satellite waiting and change facilities for ultrasound and CT/MRI patients, which delivers them close to the appropriate scanning rooms.

Anchored by a bespoke carpet, the interior design is calming and non-clinical yet practical, and manages to combine elements of PRG’s corporate identity with the hotel-like ambience of St George’s private hospital. 

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